My Job as the Editor in Chief

Being the Editor in Chief is not an easy job. There is a lot of mental and physical stress. You are constantly challenged, working on the next deadline, and constantly under pressure.For me, every single moment of the day I have the yearbook on my mind. Every day the team and I have a task we have to complete.

One of the reasons why I joined the yearbook team was because I was in love 29512326274_e8c0a96ddb_owith taking photos. When it was a club last year, I was one of the photographers. Last year, while it was a club, was one of the most challenging things that I have been apart of. Not many people offered their personal time after school to work on the yearbook. So there was pretty much only a handful of us, but the handful of us were the most dedicated, hard working people I have ever met. They put in hours upon hours of time on weekends and after school to get the yearbook done. But by being just a photographer I didn’t see all the work and struggle the previous editor in chief put in. Near the end of the previous school year, I started to brainstorm ideas for the next years yearbook. A couple months later, here I am. The new 2016-2017 Editor in Chief of the St.Martin Catholic Secondary School’s yearbook.

Honestly, I struggled in the beginning. I was overly excited to be apart of the yearbook, and being the editor in chief was even that much more exciting. I wanted to do everything myself. I had every page layout in my head, with the cover of the book ideas and everything was set in my mind. I even tried to do all of those things by myself. Then after a few week it hit me. I started to burn out. Everyday I was exhausted, but I still stayed up all night to work on the yearbook. I didn’t even work on the layouts all the time, sometimes it was just brainstorming, or organizing all the information for the book. Soon, I all burnt out. With the help of Ms.Navas, I realized I was no superwoman. That I had a team behind me, people who were there to catch me when I fall. I was not a one woman show, nor did I need to feel like one.29841827220_2646dbf836_o.jpg

I remember when Ms.Navas told me that a good leader relies on their team as much as their team relies on them. And that is exactly what we were, the yearbook staff was a team. As Michael and Chris always say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

After my burnout, I stepped back and took a breather. I let my leaders of each department step up, and boy was I impressed. They took charge of what they needed to do and they completed it. I stepped out of the layout designs and started to work more on the technical behind the scenes stuff, such as organizing the ladder, and working on the mugshot pages.

To be honest, without my right hand woman, Yssa, I probably would be behind about a month. There is always a great sidekick to the amazing hero. My amazing sidekick was Yssa, but I truly looked up to her as if she was my saviour. She was always there for me when I needed it, she was up to date on everything. By the end of the semester, we were pretty much finishing each others sentences. She kept me sane, and  I hopefully did the same with her.

30059050273_a5ba9b50b1_o.jpgBeing the Editor in chief does not mean that you have to be a ruthless leader. It does not mean that you are above everyone else on the team. It means that you are there to organize the information and distribute it to your staff. You are all equals to every single person on the team. I was the person that they looked up to, the ‘Fearless Leader’, or the ‘Boss Lady.’ And I was thankful for the opportunity.

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