What do you do in yearbook?

When you ask people what do they think being apart of the yearbook team means I received a variety of responses. Some people believe that the yearbook team didn’t do much. This came from the grade nines who sat in on some of our days while working in class. They saw that we joked with each other and laughed at some of the things that we did, like the time we almost made Anthony cry from ripping on his title page. Other people believed that we just put pictures on a page. They also said that it doesn’t seem like that much work was involved.

We don’t just do nothing in class. We work hard!

All of those people never really saw all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into every single aspect of the yearbook. From choosing which pictures look best on the page spread, to how big the font needs to be on a specific page. Every page that the team has worked on takes on average a week to complete, even then it is critiqued over and over again. No page is worked on by one person. Each one of us, has a different view on things, each page we all add in our input and it makes us realize things that one sole person would not be able to notice.

There are many different features that make a yearbook perfect. From the photos, to the words, to the layout, to the shapes and effects on the pages. This year, we had a specific team to work on each feature.

The photography team this year was truly inspirational. Sianna, Mya, Jess, are only a few of the many people who volunteered their personal time, and sometime sacrificed their educational time to take photos for the yearbook. These people went above and beyond what they needed too. At times the risked their lives. Sianna claims she almost died trying to take the hockey photos. It just shows a silver of the dedication that these people had. I never seen them without a camera strapped to their bodies. They took photos in every single kind of weather. If it was pouring, they threw a plastic cover over the camera to protect it while their got soaked, all to take the perfect shot. I am truly thankful for all the hard work and time that they put into.

To complete a page, you need to hear the right story. Our journalism team wasn’t the largest. It was basically made up of Michael and Bernadette, but their words changed the way that people see the page. Inspirational and moving, they were able to capture a moment and put it into words that made people think. The writing was amazing and they killed every single paragraph they wrote.

We also had an edesign/photoshop team. These fearless human beings took the most beating out of any person. They were critiqued on every part of their page, good or bad, they took the news as champs and altered the page however the input was given. This group of people are extremely dedicated, they sit on a computer for majority of the class, working on the page layout. They make something beautiful from nothing. They are so creative, I struggled for days when coming up with the page layout I worked on. I have no clue how some of these guys can kill up to three pages within a week.

Yearbook is not a team. We are a family. We work together, sometimes we want to murder eachother, other times we are the only people who understand the struggle on what theyre going through. After working with the same people for over 5 months, I have grown a love for them. A bond that has been build that can never be broken.

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